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NAME: Michelle
AGE: ?

For you, what makes a hockey player cute? It depends totally on the guy. Some players are massively attractive because of their face, and others *grinning* are the full package if you know what I mean. =)

If you could spend the day with ONE player, who would it be and why? Well, this is a tough because there are a lot of NHLers that I would want to spend a day with. However, by far, I think I would love to spend the day with Patrick Marleau! *Oh, yeah!* Patrick is close to my age, and is really sweet...seems to be anyhow.*not to mention that he is FINE.* Besides, I think I would have more in common with him than a lot of the other players, you know.

Continuing the last question, what would you guys do? :o) I don't know. Dinner and movie...friend stuff. Sit and talk, you know, simple stuff like that.

What nationality are the players you like mostly and why? Canadian and Swedish!! Where do I began on that question. Well, Canadian guys are always so incredibly sweet and stuff. I love all those cutie Saskatchewan small town boys. Swedes, with blond hair and such, are so awesome to look at too. Russians aren't that far behind. I mean some of those Canadian guys talk to me...So I consider them sweet.

Who is the cutest guy in the world? (This one does not have to be a hockey player!) Oh, no! Don't do this to me!! This is TOTAL torture. Actually, the cutest guy in the world title would have to go to.....Patrick Marleau! =) For a LOT of reasons, but I think I will spare everyone. =)

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