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DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THESE PICS TO USE ON A WEB PAGE. If you are thinking of taking any, read the bottom of this page and also this.

Scott is the one in the middle, with the long hair. Isn't he such a babe? haha OH MY GOD, hey look at who's standing behind Wolf Stansson..... Lars is an Iceland player! *LOL* ;o)

The only movies I have seen that have Scott in them are D2 and D3. In D2: The Mighty Ducks, Scott plays Gunnar Stahl, the star player for the Iceland team. Along with his teammate Olaf Sanderson, (played by Kai Lennox, who is also hot!) the two are always at the Ducks with hard body checks and taunting.

Wow, Scott really is a big Iceland boy! hehe

Gunnar Stahl, while he is the star player, is always hiding behind his coach, Wolf Stansson! That makes me kinda mad cause I watch the movie to see him, and I don't want Stansson getting in the way. =) Scott can also fake that accent REALLY good, cause I mean look at him talk in D3 and you wouldn't even know it was the same guy.

Wolf Stansson wants to make sure Gunnar knows not to lose the game for them.

Scott plays Scooter in D3 (I'm pretty sure), and is the goalie of the Varsity hockey team. You know, I think this time he has a bit of a crush on Julie the Cat. :o) Also, if you want to see what I'm talking about with the fake accent, watch the ending of D2 from the scene where Gunnar's shot is stopped by Julie. Then, watch the ending of D3, RIGHT AFTER the Ducks beat the Varsity team. Scott skates over to Julie and says, "Great game, Gaffney!" and he has NO accent whatsoever. It also sounds like his voice changed over those few years in-between!

Scott and Kai think that a girl playing hockey is funny....

So when it comes down to it, I like D2 better than D3. I get more of Scott in it, and you know, D3 just plain sucked. Not enough hockey. Well, I know of two other places where you can see Scott; his film debut in Tequila Sunrise and his weekly show "City Guys". I haven't watched either, because I'd like to still think that he has that accent and that it's not fake. *LOL*

"You lost it for yourself."


Gunnar hates wearing his helmet. =) That's good for me!
So sure of himself!
Glove save?
From Julie; "Nice try."
Sad that he let down his team.
Oh! Poor Gunnar... =(
Skating back to his teammates.
"Good work, captain duck!" :o)
You and your little rink rats must leave...
Another one in the net for Iceland.
Sending in a girl to do a man's job!
GUNNAR again! =)
Yay! Wait, what were we cheering about again?
Woohoo another goal! Cute backup....
Glove save...and he didn't have to put forth any effort! Such a calm look on his face... =) and cute!
In my country, we call that a love tap! *whack*
Coach Stansson is also a magician. He can make this beach ball float in mid-air. Impressed? hehe
We can't beat Iceland! They're bigger, they're stronger....they have more facial hair!
Damn Portman is buff....
Where I come from, we treat ladies with respect!
The Ducks take a time out.
The "Bash Brothers" go to work.

Now, this is my Icelandic wolf Lars. DO NOT TAKE ANY PICS FROM THIS PAGE, because if you do then you'll be in trouble with me and Lars here. I spent alot of time getting these pictures, so please respect that and don't take them. If you do and I find out, you will really piss me off. So just don't do it. If you want pictures of him so bad, go copy them off you own video like I did! And I will know if you took them, because there are no Scott Whyte sites on the internet and no pictures, I know of only mine.