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Welcome to the Sexy Men of Hockey page! This page was created for all those female hockey fans out there, especially us five who made this page. *hehe* :o)

Each team has it's own page with an average rating that the five of us have given them. Ratings are based on the players each team has, and each player is rated seperately also.

Almost always, we will make comments on teams and players, and each of us will write in different colors so you can tell who's talking. I *Lady Owen Nolan*, will write in blue, Friesen's Girl will write in violet, Marleau's Girl will write in teal, FriesenGrl will write in dark green, and Tommy Girl will write in lime green. Players are also marked by which of us admires which ones, because sometimes I don't always agree with my friends' opinions, and I KNOW they don't agree with all of mine. *LOL*

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore the pages!!! =)

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