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Other players


Nick Boynton
Eric Brewer
Martin Cerven
Mathieu Garon
Sean Gauthier
Kevin Grimes
Josh Holden
Johan Holmqvist
Vincent Lecavalier
David Legwand
Roberto Luongo
Wes Mason
Thomas Migdal
Brad Moran
Pierre-Luc Therrien

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Okay everyone...this is Johan Holmqvist! Awwww, he's so cute! ;o) Be nice to him or I'll have to hurt you! He's too much of a sweetie for anyone to be giving him a hard time. Okay, this is the section of our page where we put our other guys...the young prospects. *hehe* I mean hockey prospects. They can't be our prospects, because we already love them and think they're fine. Also, included are the lesser known NHL players who float from their teams to the minors frequently, who we still admire but don't often get to see at NHL games.

*hehe* Well for now, this is mainly my section because I've been the one doing the research on all these guys. (And having fun doing it too!) Go through these players, and hopefully you may find a future star that you can admire...and it will be better because you can say you've been a fan since that player started. ;o) *well that's my plan with holmqvist!!!*